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Brian Tracy
Wai Lana Yoga
Wai Lana Products: wear (limited edition jumpsuit, cotton fleece/lightweight yogi pants), kits (ultimate, get started, yoga to go), mats (blue/hibiscus yogi mat?, tropical hibiscus/lotus yoga & pilates mat, asana, airex, cotton/restorative yoga, shiatsu, ultimat). Videos & Music: yoga (sound?, music of the heart, wai lana's little yogis?, beginners/toning/relaxation workout, wake up body, invigorating, goodbye inertia, burn off, upside down, rest and relax, meditation trilogy), spanish yoga videos (ejercicios para principiantes/de relajación, tonificación, serie fácil), gift sets (easy/hello fitness/fun challenge tripack). Yoga Lifestyle: women's/men's clothing (ladies' tank, hooded sweatshirt, long/short sleeve henley), hats (sun protection hat), neck & eye pillows (silk neck/eyebags), aromatherapy (essential oils, fragrance diffuser), clocks & chimes (zen travel alarm clock, bamboo chime, enameled/engraved brass gong, harmonic lyre, brass wind chime). Yoga Equipment: mat bags & carriers (satin/kahala tote, silk mat bags, tapas harness/tote), balls - ball kit/pump, posture props (backbending/shoulderstand bench, calf stretcher, forward bender, heartbench, heartblock, goldfish swing), fabric loop strap, blocks & wedges (toolbox, foam wedge, 3"/4" blocks, wood block single/pair), bolsters (round/standard bolster - print/solid, cyl./rect. cotton/kapok bolster, pranayama pillow - solid/print), sand bags, blankets (deluxe wool, mexican striped, bag), chairs & cushions (backjack?, meditation bench/pillow, v-shaped/kapok cushion, zabuton, heavenly buckwheat bean, yogiwedge, superasana, enlightened zafu, zabu strip, comfort-plus knee pillow). Meditation: incense (cones, ash catcher, brass/wooden incense burner), candles, beads (tulasi mala 108"/36"/46"/60"/68", rudraksha prayer), deities (brass krishna standing, little/radha krishna, dancing shiva, madonna and child, hanuman with mountain, maha/mantra ganesh, little/meditating buddha, st. francis and the birds). Shipping in USA and International.
Hazelden Bookplace
We sell book, Video (VHS and DVD) and Audio. Your Pathway to Hope in categories: Alcohol and Other Drugs, Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, Assessments, Denial, Intervention, 12 Steps of Recovery, Conference Literature, Sponsorship, Treatment Tools, Financial Recovery, Aftercare, Sexual Compulsivity, Family/Gambling Issues, Professional Resources, Special Populations, Adolescents, Older Adults, Corrections, Gay and Lesbian Issues, Foreign Language Publications, Eating Disorders. Our HEALTH categories: Women's/Men's Issues, Recovery (Books, Consumer Videos, Audios, KCB™), Criminal Justice (Addiction, Living Skills, Anger, Relapse, Relationships, Family/Parenting, Meditation Books), Prevention (Alcohol/Drug, Behavioral Health, Peer Leadership, Support Group), Nicotine Cessation, Food/Stress Management, Mental Health, Depression Psychiatric/Psychological Issues, Employee Assistance, Violence Prevention, Grief, Psychology, Nutrition, Alternative Medicine, Sexuality, Journals. ABUNDANT LIVING categories: Spirituality/Inspirational, Native People Spirituality, Meditations, Sober Living, Self Esteem, Emotions, Codependency, Lifestyle, Historical Addiction Information, Dalai Lama, Buddhism Philosophy, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eastern/Western Spirituality, Creativity, Hinduism, Mantak Chia, Osho. Gifts: Medallions (Silver, Bronze), Jewelry (Gold and Sterling Siver Recovery Celebration Ring and Necklace, Luxury Watch and amethyst), Greeting Cards, Music (Heart and Soul, Classical Songbirds), Apparel, Bookmarks, Collectibles, Keychains, Mugs. Shipping in USA, Canada and international.

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