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Wai Lana Yoga
Wai Lana Products: wear (limited edition jumpsuit, cotton fleece/lightweight yogi pants), kits (ultimate, get started, yoga to go), mats (blue/hibiscus yogi mat?, tropical hibiscus/lotus yoga & pilates mat, asana, airex, cotton/restorative yoga, shiatsu, ultimat). Videos & Music: yoga (sound?, music of the heart, wai lana's little yogis?, beginners/toning/relaxation workout, wake up body, invigorating, goodbye inertia, burn off, upside down, rest and relax, meditation trilogy), spanish yoga videos (ejercicios para principiantes/de relajación, tonificación, serie fácil), gift sets (easy/hello fitness/fun challenge tripack). Yoga Lifestyle: women's/men's clothing (ladies' tank, hooded sweatshirt, long/short sleeve henley), hats (sun protection hat), neck & eye pillows (silk neck/eyebags), aromatherapy (essential oils, fragrance diffuser), clocks & chimes (zen travel alarm clock, bamboo chime, enameled/engraved brass gong, harmonic lyre, brass wind chime). Yoga Equipment: mat bags & carriers (satin/kahala tote, silk mat bags, tapas harness/tote), balls - ball kit/pump, posture props (backbending/shoulderstand bench, calf stretcher, forward bender, heartbench, heartblock, goldfish swing), fabric loop strap, blocks & wedges (toolbox, foam wedge, 3"/4" blocks, wood block single/pair), bolsters (round/standard bolster - print/solid, cyl./rect. cotton/kapok bolster, pranayama pillow - solid/print), sand bags, blankets (deluxe wool, mexican striped, bag), chairs & cushions (backjack?, meditation bench/pillow, v-shaped/kapok cushion, zabuton, heavenly buckwheat bean, yogiwedge, superasana, enlightened zafu, zabu strip, comfort-plus knee pillow). Meditation: incense (cones, ash catcher, brass/wooden incense burner), candles, beads (tulasi mala 108"/36"/46"/60"/68", rudraksha prayer), deities (brass krishna standing, little/radha krishna, dancing shiva, madonna and child, hanuman with mountain, maha/mantra ganesh, little/meditating buddha, st. francis and the birds). Shipping in USA and International.

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